Why Bath Bombs get a Bad Press


Bea, aged 14 at a family picnic

Bath bombs are fabulous fun and great for helping to create your very own at-home spa experience.  Sadly, they have had a bad press over the last few years, primarily due to the poor ingredients often used by mass manufacturers, which can result in dermatitis and eczema. Love to b natural bath bombs are much kinder to your skin, with added moisturising oils, anti-inflammatory ingredients, therapeutic plant-based scent and natural colourings. We are giving away one of our favourite recipes, to help you create natural, DIY bath bombs in your own home – a great way for your kids and tweens to have fun and relax after a hard day at school.


The bath bomb problem


I have decided to share with you why we started making plant-based bath bombs at Love to b. When my daughter Bea was a young teenager, she was often given brightly coloured bath bombs for her birthday and at Christmas, bought from a major high street chain.  At first she would be tempted by the bright colours and would insist on trying them, but she never really liked the sickly, overpowering smell.  They would fizz away beautifully in the bath, but once that initial fun subsided it would result in some less pleasant experiences:  the bright fluorescent colours of the bath bomb would not only stain her skin and the bath, but also made her skin itch, come up in red hives and cause patches of contact eczema. It was always disappointing for her. As her Mum, I could not believe that something that was supposed to be fun could end up being a disaster and taking weeks to remedy, getting the flora of her skin back to normal.


The natural bath bomb solution


A couple of years ago, our team of artisan, skincare manufacturing mums, decided to start making natural bath bombs in our Love to b skincare kitchen in Ringwood.  After a little research and development, we set about making the very best natural bath bombs, suitable for teenagers and people that generally can’t use the highly fragranced, unnatural high street bombs.  At times our skincare kitchen looked like a sketch from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory!


A lavender bath bomb
Love to b natural bath bombs
Love to b box of four bath bombs

What we wanted to avoid in our natural bath bombs


No to bubbling agents – such as SLS that make a great effervescent bomb but leave your skin dry.


No to artificial colours or micas – artificial colours often stain the skin and the bath.  Sadly Micas, which are a natural shimmering colour found in make up too, have been associated with child labour. ITV writes an incredibly interesting article about this.


No to artificial scent / fragrance – We don’t want any fragrance that has been created with harsh artificial chemicals.


-No to palm oil – added as a moisturiser, we don’t use palm due to deforestation of the natural habitat of the orangutan and other endangered species in Indonesia. Read more from the World Wildlife Fund.


-No to glitter and sequins – these are plastic and will end up in the sea as micro-plastics and possibly ingested by sealife. Read more about this from National Geographic.


No to shrink wrap plastic packaging – it protects the natural bath bomb from humidity and prolongs the shelf life, but it is unnecessary.  We prefer to freshly make our natural bath bombs as required


If you want to see what we DO put in our bath bombs and you want to have a go at making your own, see our DIY, natural bath bomb recipe


In ten years of making skincare, it still amazes me how much kinder handmade natural products are, than the mass-produced lotions and potions made by multi-million-pound companies.  You could make the comparison between a mass made supermarket chocolate cake and the home-made yummy cake your granny lovingly made!  They are, for sure, in different leagues.


With love…


Jules x



  • Essential Oil - Mint
    Essential Oil – Mint
  • Essential Oil - Rosemary
    Essential Oil – Rosemary
  • Essential Oil - Sweet Orange
    Essential Oil – Sweet Orange
  • Essential Oil - Tea Tree
    Essential Oil – Tea Tree
  • Natural facial cleanser in frosted glass bottle next to its white rectangular box on a wood surface
    Jojoba Facial Cleanser
  • Box of 6 botanical bath melts in a brown cardboard box with a clear lid and sat in wood wool with a brown material background
    Luxury Botanical Bath Melts
  • Four natural bath bombs, cedarwood and lemongrass, citrus, rose and lavender nestled in a square white cardboard box on a linen background
    Natural Bath Bombs
  • Pure Essential Oils
    Pure Essential Oils
  • Natural facial moisturiser in a frosted glass jar with silver lid balanced on its white square box next to some rose buds
    Rosehip & Argan Facial Moisturiser