Orange Bergamot & Cinnamon Soap


Love to b’s natural orange, bergamot and cinnamon soap is perfectly uplifting and energising. A spicy, sweet and warming soap that is ideal for use in the shower, bath or on the sink.

Super bubbly and creamy, you won’t find this natural soap drying for your skin. Love to b’s natural orange, bergamot and cinnamon soap is cured for a minimum of 6 weeks to ensure that it is hard, long-lasting and mild enough for sensitive skin.

Size 110g

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Who should use this product?

Love to b’s natural orange, bergamot and cinnamon soap is super mild and cured for a long time to ensure it is suitable for sensitive skin.


How is this product made? 

We use a traditional way of soap-making called ‘cold process’, a method that has remained essentially unchanged for thousands of years. Firstly, hard oils and butters are gently melted and mixed with the soft liquid oils. Natural colours and botanicals are added at this point which gives each soap its unique, Love to b style. A lye solution (derived from sea water) is mixed in with the oils resulting in a gradual thickening of the mixture. This process is called saponification which completely neutralises the lye.

The mixture is poured into moulds and hardens over a couple of days until it is ready to be unmoulded, hand-cut and placed on a rack in our humidity controlled curing room. After one week, soaps are stamped with the Love to b logo and bevelled to make them easier to hold in your hand. Soaps are turned frequently to ensure that they stay the correct shape and dry in a uniform way.


Hero Ingredients

Shea butter: Shea butter is packed with vitamins and fatty acids. Because of this it is an excellent skin moisturiser. It adds moisture without feeling oily or greasy on the skin. Also, it has amazing healing and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Cocoa butter: Cocoa butter hydrates and moisturises while using its many antioxidants to fight off the signs of aging. It is thought to have healing properties and calms redness and irritation. It also smells wonderfully chocolaty!

Castor oil: Castor oil is highly moisturising and promotes overall skin health. As well as this, it has powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties making it a good choice for those with acne.


Essential Oils

Sweet orange: Sweet orange essential oil is a zesty, zingy and sweet-smelling oil. It boosts energy and invigorates the senses. It is excellent for reducing acne and blemishes. The oil is particularly high in antioxidants.

Bergamot: Bergamot essential oil has a fresh, citrusy almost orange like scent. It is sometimes used in aromatherapy for relieving stress and anxiety. It has powerful cleansing and healing properties.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon essential oil has a spicy and sweet scent. It is excellent for relieving stress and anxiety. Additionally, it is excellent at fighting off infections and stimulating circulation.


Natural Botanical Colours

Turmeric root: We use powdered turmeric root to make this soap a vibrant yellow colour.



How to use this product

Rub our natural orange, bergamot and cinnamon soap between your hands or onto a shower scrunchie to create a bubbly lather. Rinse well with fresh clean water. For your bar to last as long as possible, we recommend keeping it dry between uses. You can do this by using a slatted soap dish or by standing it up on its end.

We sell a beautiful bamboo soap dish that is designed to keep your soap dry and allow it to last for much longer.

When your soap gets too small, don’t throw it away! Why not use one of our exfoliating sisal soap bags to collect the pieces and make your soap last even longer.


The Love to b Promise

-We don’t test on animals here at Love to b, and never will. Therefore, all our products are personally tested by our friends and family before being taken to market.

-We say NO to palm oil. We’re keen to protect the endangered species that call our world’s rainforests home.

-Everything we make is 100% vegan. We rely on plant power to enrich and nourish your skin.

-Love to b continues to make conscientious plastic free choices where possible when it comes to our packaging because we like to be eco-friendly here!

-Each product is lovingly handmade in our Hampshire based skincare kitchen.

Read more about our company Ethos here



Beautifully packaged in a cardboard box. Want it naked instead? Just leave a note when you place your order.


Water (aqua), saponified oils of: olive oil (olea europaea), coconut oil (cocos nucifera), shea butter (butyrospermum parkii), castor oil (ricinus communis), cocoa butter (theobroma cacao). Essential oils: sweet *orange oil (citrus dulcis), bergamot oil (citrus bergamania), cinnamon (cinnamomum burmannii), glycerine, calendula petals, turmeric (curcuma longa) & ci77891: white natural mineral.*Naturally occurring ‘sensitisers’ in the essential oils used in this product:  Limonene, eugenol & linalool

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