The exfoliating action of loofah is used to help stimulate the lymphatic system, encouraging detoxification while stimulating blood circulation and skin cell renewal.  This is known to help control the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite for younger, fresher looking skin.

Please note shape and size may vary slightly from photo shown.



Our Natural Loofahs are made from plant material.  The Luffa originates from tropical and subtropical vines classified in the cucumber family.  When harvested before maturity they are eaten as vegetables.  If harvested when mature, they are very fibrous and dried to produce the loofah sponge.

Approx 15 x 5cm


Directions of Use

Apply your favorite soap, then rub gently over your skin to increase blood circulation, accelerate metabolism and enhance immunity.

Rinse your loofah after use and dry between uses to extend its life.