Our Ethos

From the very start of our journey, we have never compromised quality for quantity or pricing incentives. Our carbon footprint is as small as it possibly can be and all our products must be morally and ethically transparent.

We specialise in creating natural, handmade soaps and skin care products using traditional, artisan methods. Everything we create is made with love and devotion to one principle – developing a truly natural and organic brand that is completely honest and ethical in every way. 

Our unique recipes are lovingly made by hand, inspired by nature and use the finest quality ingredients. We are passionate about working with flowers, herbs and spices – some of which are home grown or locally sourced.

We are proud that our soap and skincare ranges are free from Petroleum chemicals, Parabans, Phthalates, SLS and other synthetic product fillers. We are conscious that the increasing use of palm oil in the food and cosmetic industries is causing the destruction of virgin rainforest, home to many endangered species including the orangutan. For this reason, our products are also palm oil free. We continue to monitor the sustainability of other raw materials that we use in our products and commit to changing formulations if necessary to protect natural resources. 

The Orangutan Foundation

We absolutely do not test on animals, nor do we commission anyone else to do so on our behalf. Although animal testing is now illegal in the EU, some markets still require cosmetics to be tested on sentient beings and we will never sell to them or anywhere that requires animal testing.

Many of our products are suitable for vegans. However, in a few of our soaps and in our lip balms we do use honey or beeswax as they have such amazing properties – a complete ingredients list can be found alongside every product on our website.