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It is seriously fun making natural bath bombs at home with ingredients from your kitchen, not to mention how great they can be for your skin and general wellbeing. If you have read our blog on Why bath bombs get a bad press, you will know that most high street bath bombs created by leading beauty brands can cause nasty reactions for sensitive and delicate young skin. Our natural bath bombs are made primarily with ingredients that can be easily found in your kitchen store cupboard (or your local high street) and using natural essential oils for scent and natural plant-based colourings. If you need quality essential oils they can be found here. They will help you create your very own at-home spa experience, or give you a great opportunity to share your bombs with friends as we all begin to meet up again after Covid!  You could practice your skills at artisan skincare making and then have every reason to escape for a well-deserved, relaxing bath! You could also treat a bomb making session, as a special bonding experience with your kids this half term holiday.


Natural lavender bath bomb


As an aside, some of our customers ask us whether bath bombs have any benefits? We think that they most definitely do! They add emollients and softeners to your bath that then moisturise your skin. Regardless of your skin type, the beneficial ingredients in our natural bath bombs leave it soft, supple, and silky. Yes, it will cleanse your skin, but the ingredients inside will also pamper and soothe. So let’s get started, just follow the steps below.


How to make your own natural bath bombs



Large bowl for mixing

Small bowl for oils


Hand or balloon whisk



Kitchen scales

Two hemispherical bomb moulds, or;

Silicon cake mould (about cup cake size)

Small spray bottle


230g – bicarbonate of soda

115g – citric acid

115g – Epsom salts

115g – cornflour

15g coconut or sunflower oil

10 drops of essential oil

(lavender, mint or sweet orange are great to start with)

Witch-hazel or water

Dried flower botanicals




Using the large bowl, sieve the bicarbonate of soda, Epsom salts and cornflour into the bowl.


In the small bowl, combine the melted coconut oil (or sunflower oil) and your essential oil of choice


Fill the spray bottle with water for later – things start to happen fast once you introduce liquid to the mix!!


Use the hand or balloon whisk, mix the bi-carb, Epsom salts and cornflower together. Once thoroughly combined, steadily drizzle the oils into them, mixing continuously.


Now add in the citric acid and mix.


Spray two or three squirts of witch hazel or water into the ingredients, mixing well and fast.  Once the ingredients ‘clump’ together it is ready for moulding. It just needs to be damp enough to hold together when scrunched hard in your hand and dropped back into the bowl – about the consistency of sandcastle sand. Be careful not to make the mixture too wet or it will start to fizz away.


Note:- Witch hazel is preferable to water if you can get hold of some. It causes less fizzing and makes a harder bomb once it is dried. Having said that you can use water if you can’t get witch hazel, but you may end up with a more fragile bomb!


You can add some dried botanicals such as lavender buds, rosemary leaves, rose petals etc. at this stage, or add a few to the mould before filling with the mixture.


Pack the mixture into the two hemispheres of the bath bomb mould, mounding up each half above the rim. Press the two halves together hard, without twisting, and cleaning away any excess at the mould join. Tap the outside and gently remove one half of the mould, turn upside down in your hand and remove the other half of the mould.  Gently lay the bomb down on a drying rack and place in a warm dry place for 24 hours.



An easier option is to use a silicon mould, packing the ingredients in hard and leaving to dry overnight. The following day remove carefully from the mould, bearing in mind that the finished product can be fragile. Again, place on a rack in a warm dry place for an additional 24 hours.


After allowing your bombs to dry, store in an airtight box in a cool, dry place. Don’t leave them in the open, particularly in the bathroom, or your bombs will disintegrate in the humidity losing all their scent and fizz in the process!


Feel free to try natural colourings – we use chamomile for yellow, spirulina for green, alkanet root for purple and ground Himalayan salt for pink. You could also add a spoonful of ground oats to the dry mixture to help with reducing inflammation.


…….. and pause!


Now to enjoy the fruits of your labour. And remember, natural bath bombs are not just for the kids and tweens!  If you are a runner, love cycling or just need to chill after a hard day, these mineral rich, natural bath bombs will help soothe your tired muscles. For that special, holistic sanctuary or home-spa experience that will truly help with your mental health, follow this self-care ritual:  Run a hot bath, pop in your beautiful home-made natural bath bomb, light your favourite ‘Love to b’ candle, pour a glass of your favourite bubbly, step in, lay back ……and pause.  You deserve five minutes relaxation in these challenging days.  The bath bomb oils will moisturise your skin, the Epsom salts will soak into your muscles and the essential oils will transport you to a special place. What’s not to like?  And remember if you are a parent…. you can’t pour from an empty cup, look after yourself with some self-love too. Please do share your bath bomb photos with us on social media using the hashtag #Lovetobskincare. We would absolutely love to see the fruits of your labour!



If you are finding the demands of everyday life too much at times, you can always leave us to make the bath bombs for you!  Just pop to our website and choose from one of our handmade, aromatherapy, natural bath bombs to soothe away your anxiety.


Love from Jules x



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