The 'Love To B' Story

Welcome to ‘Love to b’ – we’re so glad you found us!

We are an honest, conscientious skincare company and aim to be as natural as can be. We’ve evolved from a mother’s love for her daughter and everything we create is made with love and devotion to one principle – developing a truly natural brand that is ethical in every way. 

Our Love For Bea

Our founder Julie’s youngest daughter Bea was diagnosed as lactose intolerant as a baby and suffered with distressing eczema throughout her childhood. When she was 12, her eczema flared up again and having tried everything, from high end products to prescribed creams there was little to no improvement. Julie spent hours reading about skin conditions and natural remedies and began researching the ingredients listed in high street toiletries and skincare. With a mother’s passion, she was determined to create something that would be kind to sensitive skin and make a difference for Bea.

At the beginning of 2010, Julie took the plunge and started to make her own natural skin cream and soaps containing plant based moisturising oils such as cocoa and shea butters, apricot kernel, jojoba and sweet almond oils. She blended essential oils such as lavender, mint, rosemary and eucalyptus that have antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Within a few weeks of using her Mum’s special cream and soaps, the improvement in the condition of Bea’s skin was incredible.

We Became Chilly b...

Julie’s successful kitchen experiment became a passion for all things natural and holistic – and her cream and soap making skills were eagerly shared with her friends and family. Sourcing the finest sustainable botanical oils for their healing and nourishing properties, she started to offer her products more widely. The response was overwhelming – ‘Chilly b Soap Company’ was born!

We expanded; we launched new products, tried new things. We started to be stocked in some of the UKs finest spas and beautiful hotels and boutiques and we decided it was time to embark on the next part of our journey.

Introducing Love to b

Bea has now grown into a confident and beautiful young woman, whilst our brand has also evolved. By early 2017 we had outgrown our Dorset soap kitchen and found perfect new premises in the market town of Ringwood, Hampshire, where we manufacture our skincare products today. We also have a ‘Love to b’ shop – after many requests to open one, we have finally taken the plunge!

Mindful of the new start, we  decided the changes needed a new name – to reflect the journey we have had and the exciting future ahead. The ‘Love to b’ brand was launched in February 2017 – incorporating all the original elements of our company (with a nod to Bea, our inspiration!). We have also launched several new product ranges alongside our new branding – visit our online shop to stock up!

If you have any questions about any of our ‘Love to b’ products, please visit our FAQs or get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!