How we Make our Soaps

We use a traditional soap-making method called ‘cold process’ to make our ‘Love to b’ soaps – this involves no heat other than that required to gently melt the natural oils and butters we use.

Once the oils are melted and blended, we add  herbs and spices (for natural colour) and then botanicals and essential oils that go together to create the distinctive look and scent of all our ‘Love to b’ soaps. Here comes the science – we add sodium hydroxide (commonly known as lye) which is derived from sea water and results in a gradual thickening of the mixture – a process called ‘saponification’. We pour the mixture into lined moulds where it is left to saponify further. And here is the magic – saponification completely neutralises the lye, whilst hardening the soap over a couple of days until it is ready to be unmoulded, hand-cut and cured.

Curing takes a minimum of four weeks to ensure a low pH – the longer it cures, the harder and milder the bar. During the curing process, the individual soaps are turned frequently so that they dry evenly. Finally, the soap is stamped with our ‘b’ and lovingly wrapped by hand, ready for its new home!

It is important to remember that cured natural soap contains NO harsh chemicals and we do not use artificial fragrance or preservatives. We recommend that you allow your soap to dry between uses – ideally by using a soap dish that allows excess water to drain or by standing the bar on its end so that air can circulate around it.