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  • Cedarwood & Lemongrass – Hand & Body Wash

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  • Natural Lavender hand and body wash in an amber glass bottle with a white label next to some sprigs of lavender on a wooden surface

    Lavender & Patchouli – Hand & Body Wash

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Welcome to ‘Love to b’ – home to plant based skincare and natural soap

We are an honest, conscientious skincare company and aim to be as natural as can be. We’ve evolved from a mother’s love for her daughter ‘B’ and everything we create is made with love and devotion to one principle – our desire to develop a truly natural brand that is ethical in every way.

At our Ringwood HQ, our highly skilled team is passionate about making quality, sustainable skincare products within our ‘Old Bakery Kitchen’. Great care goes into the ingredients chosen for the formulation of each product we create.   From experience we know how to provide plant powered skincare that delivers all that your skin needs.

Meet the makers

What is Skin food and why we care about your skin.

The three key elements of well-being – mind, body and spirit – require a holistic approach  in order to nurture and maintain balance. We believe that what you put on your skin is as important as what you eat for your body’s well-being – hence ‘skin food’.  There is a growing movement away from synthetic and chemical cosmetics towards natural skincare, heading back to the basics of nature’s way. We are proud to be part of this movement and believe that the holistic approach to health and beauty should include being mindful of your skincare routine.  The ‘Love to b’ range provides a harmonious balance of natural plant based oils, botanicals and uplifting aromatics, offering a sensuous and luxurious answer to your skin’s needs.

Pamper yourself, you know you deserve it!

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Who we work with

Moortown Lodge
Therma Bath Spa
Chewton Glen

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  • The benefits of lemongrass essential oil
        ‘Cymbopogon citratus‘   Native to islands in South-eastern Asia, lemongrass is a tall grass that grows in tropical climates. Its essential oil is fresh, invigorating and uplifting and one of our firm favourites here at Love to b. An amazingly useful oil, we use it widely across our products due to its therapeutic benefits and gorgeous, lemony scent.  So, what can this amazing […]
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        It is seriously fun making natural bath bombs at home with ingredients from your kitchen, not to mention how great they can be for your skin and general wellbeing. If you have read our blog on Why bath bombs get a bad press, you will know that most high street bath bombs created by leading beauty brands can cause nasty reactions for sensitive […]
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        For a long time, I have had my suspicions about the use of the recycling symbol which is so widely used on plastic bottles and containers through industry. I’ve recently discovered that no matter how many different types of ‘chasing arrows’ are printed on plastic products, it doesn’t change the fact that plastic is largely a throwaway material worldwide.   There are many large beauty and toiletry companies that […]
  • Lavender essential oil, a true powerhouse!
        ‘Lavandula Angustifolia’ Relaxing and soothing, lavender is one of the most versatile essential oils and has been used for centuries in aromatherapy. An extremely popular and well-known oil, lavender essential oil is widely used therapeutically for massage, bathing and in skincare. Lavender oil creates a beautiful aroma when it is vaporised in an oil burner, creating a sense of peace and calm.  It […]

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